We can handle both residential and commercial electrical projects, as we know the industry from the inside out. Both individuals and business owners can request our assistance.

We founded our electrical company in 1997 while our professional experience goes beyond 25 years. We have the expertise to carry out minor and major jobs without any complications and costly delays.

Yes. At Legacy Electric, we can replace electrical panels that are used on farms and residential properties. Our technicians will safely remove your old system and handle the installation of your new electrical panel. They will also conduct a rigorous final inspection to make sure that there aren’t any issues that can cause power surges and drops.

Yes, we have insured our services because we are aware that we often work in dangerous situations. Also, we have the necessary licenses and certifications, and we would be happy to show them upon request.

Yes, we can handle the wiring of your shop. Our electricians will correctly connect the different components to your electrical panel, and then will link your property to the area’s electrical grid. We can also remodel existing wiring to render it more energy-efficient and stop or prevent unwanted complications such as power drops, surges, and shortages.

Everybody should consider hiring an electrical contractor for their projects. Working with electricity is dangerous and even the smallest mistake can lead to severe injuries and worse. Professional electricians have the tools and knowledge to safely install, repair, or upgrade electrical features without putting themselves and others in harm’s way.

Yes, we can install different types of receptacles. We can also replace old and malfunctioning electrical sockets. Our specialists can help you choose the ideal location for each receptacle so that you can easily plug in all your appliances and electronics.

Like any respectable commercial and residential electrician, we cover our labor with a one-year warranty.

We are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients can request our assistance at any time of the day. We can handle both scheduled jobs and emergencies with surgical precision.

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