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For years, Legacy Electric has been the preferred choice for countless individuals seeking professional electrical services. Located in Kanorado, and proudly serving the neighboring regions, we are committed to keeping your home hazard-free and ensuring your safety in all situations. When you choose to work with ...

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Home Automation

Welcome to Legacy Electric, where we believe that electrical solutions should not only be smart but also fun! In this article, we'll dive into the world of home automation, exploring the latest trends in smart home technology and sharing some cost-effective, easy-to-apply suggestions to transform your house into a smart home. And yes, we promise a sprinkle of humor along the way!

1. Smart Lighting – Shed Some 'Smart' Light on Your Home:
   - Let's face it; no one likes playing "hide and seek" with light switches. Invest in smart bulbs or switches that allow you to control your lighting with a simple voice command or smartphone app. You'll be the master of "Let there be light!" in no time.

2. Thermostats – Give Your Wallet a Break:
   - Your thermostat doesn't need to be stuck in the past. Smart thermostats are like the James Bond of HVAC control, saving you money by learning your preferences. Your wallet will thank you, and you'll feel like a secret agent every time you adjust the temperature from your phone.

3. Smart Plugs – Control Freaks, Rejoice!
   - Turn any "dumb" appliance into a smart one with affordable smart plugs. Now you can have full control over your coffee maker, fan, or even the holiday lights from your phone. No more burnt toast surprises!

4. Voice Assistants – Adding Some Sassy to Your Space:
   - Bring Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri into your home for a touch of sass. Ask them to tell a joke, set timers, or even check the weather while you sip your morning coffee. They're like your personal stand-up comedians with a hint of wisdom.

5. Security – Keep an Eye on Things (and Maybe Prank Your Friends):
   - Smart cameras and doorbells let you keep tabs on your home, even when you're sipping piña coladas on a beach far, far away. And here's the humor: you can prank your friends by talking to them through the doorbell from miles away – "Is it pizza delivery? Nope, just me!"

6. Smart Blinds – Banish the Morning Sun Drama:
   - Tired of the sun rudely waking you up in the morning? Install smart blinds and schedule them to open at a more humane hour. Bonus: pretend you're in a sci-fi movie as your blinds magically rise.

Turning your house into a smart home doesn't have to break the bank. With cost-effective solutions and a dose of humor, you can enjoy the convenience, energy savings, and entertainment that smart home technology offers. So, go ahead, embrace the future, and make your home the smartest (and funniest) on the block. At Legacy Electric, we're here to help you with all your electrical needs, including bringing the magic of home automation to life.

Top 5 Common Household Electrical Issues and How Legacy Electric Can Fix Them!

Welcome to Legacy Electric, your trusted source for all things electrical! As experienced electricians, we often get asked about the most common electrical issues homeowners face. In this article, we’ll discuss the five most dangerous electrical problems found in households and provide you with expert solutions to keep your home safe and well-lit.

        1.      Overloaded Circuits:
People often ask us as electricians, “Why do my circuit breakers keep tripping?” This usually happens when too many appliances are connected to a single circuit, causing it to overload. To remedy this issue, we recommend redistributing the load or installing additional circuits to distribute the electricity more evenly throughout your home.
        2.      Faulty Wiring:
Faulty wiring is a common issue that can lead to electrical fires. Signs of this problem include flickering lights, sparking outlets, and outlets that feel warm to the touch. Our solution is to hire a professional electrician like Legacy Electric to inspect and replace any damaged or outdated wiring, ensuring your home’s safety.
        3.      Outdated Electrical Panels:
Many older homes still have outdated electrical panels that can’t handle the demands of modern appliances and electronics. This can lead to frequent power outages and pose a safety risk. We recommend upgrading your electrical panel to a more robust and efficient model to meet your energy needs.
        4.      Inadequate GFCI Outlets:
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are crucial for preventing electrical shock and fires in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. People often ask us, “How do I ensure my outlets are safe?” Our answer is to have Legacy Electric install GFCI outlets in these high-risk areas to provide enhanced protection.
        5.      Aluminum Wiring:
Homes built in the 1960s and ’70s may have aluminum wiring, which can become a fire hazard due to oxidation. To remedy this issue, we recommend hiring our expert electricians to perform a thorough inspection and, if necessary, replace the aluminum wiring with copper, which is safer and more reliable.

At Legacy Electric, we understand the importance of electrical safety in your home. If you encounter any of these common electrical issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for professional assistance. Our team of skilled electricians is ready to diagnose, repair, and upgrade your electrical system, ensuring the safety and functionality of your household. Trust Legacy Electric for all your electrical needs, because your safety is our priority!

Skilled Technicians

Our experienced staff of technicians can help with any electrical service need. Continuous training with an emphasis on safety ensures that our team is proficient in the latest technologies and procedures. Our meticulous attention to detail means that when a project is completed it is done right – and to your satisfaction.


Our technicians will fully assess the project and estimate the total cost before the work begins. There are no hidden fees or hourly rates; just a straightforward, professional assessment. You can rest assured the job will be completed to your satisfaction.


Legacy Electric has always been committed to delivering punctual service. We understand that your time is valuable, so we strive to make every scheduled appointment on time. We also pledge to be prepared for any circumstance, so there’s no time wasted searching for the right tools or supplies. A courtesy call or text is always placed before arrival to make sure every need is addressed


Our business promotes a friendly and knowledgeable workforce. Our entire staff, treat both colleagues and customers as they would their own family. Continuous training in the electrical field also gives our technicians keen insight into the newest, cost-efficient procedures. Our commitment to you is a pleasant service experience with an accessible technician who is happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.


Our expert technicians are licensed, bonded and insured so you can be confident in all work performed. 


Whether you’re looking for a contractor to handle a one-off job, or a full-service, turn-key solution, Legacy Electric can help. Having supported a broad range of projects means you get the benefit of our knowledge base and experience to support your project.


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