Hiring an Electrical Contractor? Remember to Ask These Questions!

Hiring an Electrical Contractor? Remember to Ask These Questions!

Hiring an Electrical Contractor? Remember to Ask These Questions!
Posted on November 29, 2019

Perhaps you’ve noticed that something has gone wrong with your home’s electrical system, or maybe you want to rewire your entire house and you’re looking for someone who can assist you. Either way, you have to reach out to a professional and seasoned electrician. You can find the ideal electrical contractor to hire by asking the following questions:

What’s Your Length of Experience?

It’s advisable to hire an electrician who has been working in the electrical service industry for many years. This ensures that you’re working with someone who’s great at what they do and can provide you with exceptional results as well as great value for money. This doesn’t mean that newly trained electricians shouldn’t be hired, but it does mean that you can expect to enjoy world-class service when you hire a highly experienced electrical contractor.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

The answer has to be “Yes”. Most places require electricians to be certified and have a valid and up-to-date license before they’re allowed to offer their services to clients. So, when searching for an electrician, choose someone who’s licensed and certified. Of course, make sure to check if they have public liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and other types of cover. Hiring a fully insured electrician will give you peace of mind since you know you’re protected no matter what happens.

What Services do You Offer?

Different contractors provide different electrical solutions, so you must ensure that the expert you’re hiring can provide the specific service you need. For instance, if you need to replace a large section of your electrical wiring, or if you’re planning to rewire your entire property, ask if the contractor specializes in wiring installations. If you suspect that your circuit breaker needs to be upgraded, find an electrician who offers electrical panel replacement services.

Find the right electrician in your area by asking these questions! If you live in Goodland, KS, you don’t need to look far and wide since Legacy Electric is always here to help you with electrical repairs and installations. Call us now at (785) 821-2197!

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