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When to Call an Electrical Technician to Check Your Home’s Electrical Wiring

Did you know that electrical malfunction is the leading cause of home fires every year? According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, arcing faults are responsible for starting more than 28,000 home fires that kill and injure hundreds of people year after year. While electricity makes our lives easier, it can also cause us harm, especially when taken for granted. Home electrical fires can be prevented if homeowners keep an eye out for warning signs. The following are signs that your home’s electrical wiring has a problem and that you may need to call an electrical technician.

Arc faults

The most frequent cause of electrical fires are arc faults. When an electrical circuit veers off its intended path through a breach in the wiring, arc fault occurs and leads to electrical fire. You can prevent house fires if you watch out for these and if you install a device called an arc-fault circuit interrupter. You can let a professional technician install this device to protect your home against electrical fire.

Strange smell or burning odor

Most new appliances produce an off-odor the first few times it’s powered up; this could be due to paint, finish or some other superficial issue. However, if you detect a strange smell coming from an outlet, turn off and unplug anything connected to it and let an electrician check it out. You should also call an electrician when your fuse box is emitting a weird odor. In addition to strange odors, also be wary of burning smells. Once your electrical starts heating up, you will then smell something burning. Take immediate action by calling an electrician.


This should be an immediate warning sign. Sparking may be caused by an appliance with damaged fixtures, a damaged breaker panel or fuse box. Call an electrician straight away if your fuse box is sparking. If it’s your appliance that is sparking, you can call an appliance repairman to check it.

Keep an eye out for these warning signs. If you ever encounter any of them, call an electrical technician from Legacy Electric at (785) 821-2197. We are a seasoned electrical contractor based in Goodland, KS.